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Term Loan

Our small business term loans are made for businesses that need longer term growth capital.

What is a Term Loan?

A long-term loan is a funding structure for developed businesses that need a large amount of capital at a lower interest rate for growth.  These long-term loans typically have repayment terms of at least 2 to 10 years, which can be especially suitable for business owners looking to make an investment in their business that will provide a return on investment over a long period of time. 

For online long-term business loans, the approval process is straight-forward and convenient, and we connect you with the right-sized capital to meet your business goals.

Term Loans are Ideal for:

Businesses looking to open a second location

Businesses investing in equipment, machinery and software

Businesses planning an expansion or hoping to capitalize on a new opportunity

Businesses requiring capital to cover upfront inventory or project costs, especially if the project is designed to be long term like remodeling property

Businesses needing to refinance debt

Term Loan Details


  • Lower interest rates

  • Cash flow flexibility, as you can allocate your remaining cash for short-term operational expenses and emergencies

  • Long term payment structure

  • The interest is tax deductible


  • Keeping up with fixed payments can be difficult for businesses that experience seasonality or fluctuation

  • Better suited for long-term projects rather than quick wins and cash flow stabilization

  • Can be more difficult to qualify for

Qualification Criteria

Your credit history is an important component of your loan application, but there are other factors that come into play. Your eligibility for a long-term business loan depends on:

660+ credit score

24+ months in business

$10,000+ average monthly bank deposits

Documentation Required

We at GRL Capital Partners want to make the funding process as efficient and simple as possible for you. Therefore, minimal documentation is needed for your application:​

Signed one page funding application

3-5 most recent months company bank statements

Full credit report

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